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Learn how to make first time right and reliable designs

Now available from Delft Academic Press:

Structured Electronic Design first edition € 85.00 incl. 6% VAT,

ISBN 97890-6562-4277: 631 pages, paperback 279 x 210 x 41mm. Course book for:

Author has more than 35 years of experience in analog design and post graduate design education.

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Use SLiCAP: a symbolic circuit analysis tool

Free MATLAB®-based simulation tool for setting up and solving design equations for analog circuits.

Used at all courses about Structured Electronic Design.

  • Accepts SPICE-like netlists
  • Symbol libraries for LTspice and gSchem
  • Symbolic DC and statistical DC analysis
  • Symbolic Laplace analysis
  • Symbolic noise analysis
  • Accurate numeric pole-zero analysis
  • Library with device models
  • Supporting functions for Structured Electronic Design

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color coded resistors


SLiCAP version 0.5 build 1677

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September 03 2018: SLiCAP version 0.5 build 1677 update. Update MathJax link in HTML pages Read more …