Training Course: RF IC Design

This training course deals with the design of analog integrated circuit transceivers.

table of contents

  1. course objective
  2. target group
  3. starting level
  4. target level
  5. final assignment
  6. duration
  7. description
  8. course contents

This course is organized and executed in cooperation with Catena Microelectronics, Delft.

course objective

Learning structured design of transceivers in BiCMOS technology.

target group

IC designers who want to specialize in structured design of integrated transceivers.

starting level

Participants should have the knowledge implied by the courses:

  1. Introduction to Electronics
  2. Analysis Techniques
  3. Embedded Analog Electronics 1
  4. Embedded Analog Electronics 2
  5. Analog IC Design

target level

At the end of this course the participants will have knowledge of the architecture of transceivers and will be capable to design the analog part of a modern receiver or transmitter in BiCMOS technology. This concerns both the decomposition of such a system in basic functions and the design of these basic functions:

final assignment

The final assignment comprises the design of a complete transmitter or receiverin BiCMOS technology by a group of participants.


This course lasts nine days; if desired, split in five plus four:


course contents

  1. Introduction architecture RF transceivers
  2. Design of low-noise amplifiers and power amplifiers
  3. Design of limiters and signal strength detectors
  4. Design of low-noise oscillators
  5. Design of switches, mixers, and analog frequency and amplitude demodulators

Course Program 2010

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